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Heavy Duty Standard Vertical Balers

M-30 STD vertical baler

The M-30 STD mini-baler makes a bale of corrugated cardboard box/cartons weighing up to 140 pounds. It will also produce a bale of clothing adjustable between 80 pounds and 175 pounds. Recycling materials such as stretch wrap, shrink wrap and other plastic films are easily baled into 200 pound bales. More Information

M-30 HD high density vertical baler

The M-30 HD is a high density mini-baler which is used to bale a wide variety of recyclable materials including cardboard, clothing, metal cans, and plastic bottles to a higher density than the M-30 STD. It generates over 41,300 pounds of baling force and makes bales of cardboard up to 245 pounds. Find Out More

M-60 STD  vertical baler

The M-60 STD is a high density baler with an extra heavy duty frame. It is the toughest and most reliable 60 inch vertical mill-sized downstroke baler you can buy. It makes mill-size bales of corrugated cardboard weighing up to 1,100 pounds, stretch wrap and shrink wrap bales up to 1,200 pounds and clothing bales up to 800 pounds. More Mill-Size Balers

Seven Sixty high density vertical baler

The Seven Sixty (S60XD) is an extra high density baler with a 7" cylinder and over 92,300 pounds of baling force. Corrugated cardboard carton/box bales will weigh up to 1,250 pounds. This model is available as the System Seven Sixty with hydraulic rear chute and conveyor for automatic baling of plastic bottles (PET and HDPE) and aluminum and steel cans. System Seven Sixty Conveyor Fed Baling System

M-7240 HD High Density Large Chamber Vertical Baler

The M-7240 HD is the most productive vertical baler on the market today. Its incredibly fast 28 second cycle time and large 72 x 40 x 40 inch charge chamber allows one to bale over 2,000 lbs. of cardboard per hour. The massive 7 inch cylinder and 20 HP heavy duty motor combine to produce over 92,000 lbs.of force resulting in 1,300 lb. bales of cardboard. More Large Chamber Baling Presses

Manual front loading chute doors or automatic rear chute doors are available
as options on most standard balers.

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